Merger and Acquisition Assistance
The merger and sale of a business must be handled
through a managed process

Do we have a problem?
The first step is to determine the entity's financial condition.  What are the trends for key financial ratios?  What actions or in-actions have gotten the entity to its current position?  Can things be turned around?  What will be the costs and likelihood of success?  Touchy questions, but ones that must be answered with straight-forward candor.  We can help by conducting the necessary financial and market analysis, reviewing past decisions and results, and leading management and the Board to understand their position in the market.

What are our options?
The next step is to explore the available options and understand the implications of each: status quo, diversify, sell, merge or joint venture.  We can help management and the board explore the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The Decision!
Management and consultants can provide analysis, strategic options and possible consequences, but the decision belongs only to the Board.  We can help lead you through the process.  We can establish operational and financial objectives to determine if a sound strategy includes a sale or divestiture.

If the Board makes the difficult decision to sale, we can direct the process.  Our services to the seller include:

  • Establish operational and financial objectives to determine if a sound strategy includes a sale or divestiture

  • Analyze the business to determine the value of an appropriate asking price and evaluate the likelihood of realization

  • Prepare a confidential offering memorandum for distribution to prospective buyers to determine preliminary interest

  • Identify appropriate buyer candidates

  • Evaluate proposals to determine economic value and achievement of client objectives.

  • Lead team through the buyer's due diligence plan and the negotiation of terms and conditions of out letter of intent and purchase agreement.